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Ketamine can be an intimidating procedure as patients may feel unsure about what it will feel like or how the results will turn out. But rest assured, this is an extremely safe procedure when administered by professionals. Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions. We make it a priority to address all patient concerns prior to you making a decision concerning ketamine treatment.


Chronic Pain

Chronic pain conditions, especially those associated with a neuropathic component, can be treated with ketamine infusions.  Ketamine in low doses produces analgesia in neuropathic pain states.  This analgesia is assumed to be inhibited by the N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor while others factors may also be involved.  Other possible mechanisms include enhancement of descending inhibition and anti-inflammatory effects at central sites. According to data related to short-term ketamine only produces analgesia during administration while the positive effects of prolonged infusion can be felt for up to three months after an infusion.  Side effects may include psychedelic symptoms such as hallucinations, nausea and vomiting, somnolence, and cardiovascular stimulation in some patient.


Patients suffering from treatment-resistant depression can find relief with low dose ketamine infusions administered in a professional setting.  This safe, FDA approved anesthetic treatment has been around since the 1960s and has been used in hospital settings around the world.  It has been used as a form of treatment for depression since as early as the 1990s.  While Ketamine infusions are not an end-all cure for depression, they do significantly improve symptoms.   Often times, results can be felt right away, after 1 or 2 initial infusions.  Patients who receive Ketamine treatments alongside psychological support and other recommended wellness plans can and usually do experience little to no depression as they live their best life.

Bipolar Disorder

Ketamine injections have shown to be extremely beneficial for those suffering from bipolar disorder. In fact, studies have shown the impressive effects of ketamine for those with bipolar. One such study focused on 53 adults suffering from bipolar disorder. 51% of these adults who received ketamine injections intravenous responded to the treatment and were able to maintain their stability even one week later. Another study focused on 16 bipolar individuals who also experienced suicidal thoughts frequently. After just one session of treatment, many patients noticed a significant difference in the intensity of their suicidal thoughts. Some of these benefits of ketamine injections can be seen as early as 40 minutes after the treatment, proving the effectiveness of ketamine in treating patients with bipolar depression.

Nerve Pain

Chronic neurological syndromes such as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome or Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy as accompanied by a variety of painful, disruptive symptoms. These symptoms may include excessive sweating, severe burning pain, tissue swelling, pathological changes in bone and skin, or extreme sensitivity to touch. Previously, treatment options have been few and far between with little to no relief for those who suffer from nerve pain. However, in the 1990s, doctors began to notice relief in patients who received ketamine injections. Finally, there is hope for nerve pain sufferers with a series of ketamine infusions.

Migraines & Headaches

Both women and men alike suffer from intense headaches and migraines.  In fact, about 12% of all Americans report suffering from regular migraine attacks.  Some people experience such intense migraines that no treatment has been found to be effective in treating migraine pain.  Thankfully, research of ketamine injections has been shown to offer relief.  Studies conducted have yielded positive results for migraine sufferers.  One such study focused on patients suffering from intractable migraines who had been referred to the study by specialists.  Many migraine sufferers had heard about the effects of ketamine injections and were excited to be a part of a study that could offer relief from intense pain.  While ketamine in high doses can cause hallucinations, it is perfectly safe and even extremely beneficial in low doses.  It is able to offer relief for those who regularly suffer from migraines or headache pain, so much so that it is a favorite of many doctors in the field.


“I was treated with the utmost respect, as well as put on a regimen of medications for my condition that for the first time in many years I can honestly say I have felt better than I ever have. I am very relieved to have found your office because now I am no longer suffering as I was…”

“Dr Vu and Dr Hayee are excellent and caring physicians. They have taken great care of my pain. I would recommend them to anyone.”

“The entire staff seems very caring and concerned. Its great to finally get pain relief after others have failed.”

“Dr Jon Vu and Dr Hayee make me feel like I’m a person instead of a number. They explain what they are doing and take time to talk to me. I will tell anybody that has any pain to come here. I feel at home here.”

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